This newspaper ad from Shell worked hard in a smaller space, seeking to highlight a complex and topical issue.

Key findingsShell

All five of the Resources sector ads we tested did well at achieving strong Affinity scores and driving Re-appraisal. As we would expect, they also spoke strongly to the Public Agenda.

  • The Shell ad was seen as vibrant and engaging, achieving significantly high scores for being interesting, increasing understanding and differentiation.
  • Verbatims reflected that respondents were prepared to consider Shell in new ways, as a result of this advertising.
  • The ad scored at the upper end of the scale for being ‘convincing’ and ‘believable’ versus similar ads, and was praised in verbatims for providing good and interesting information.
  • The Shell ad worked hard in a smaller space than most of the ads from similar advertisers, seeking to highlight a complex and topical issue
  • Assuming the objective of the ad was  to generate Affinity and Reappraisal, this ad has achieved these successfully.

Download full results in the document below.