Shoe Super Store

A great example of a relatively new advertiser using a small newspaper space well.

SummaryShoe Super Store

  • We test the ads of many large, National retailers and we are delighted to find that this ad compares very well, achieving strong scores across our three proprietary metrics
  • Creative meets the norms set by Australia’s largest and most successful advertisers and enjoys very high message comprehension results due to the clear communication
  • The Role Map shows strong results across four out of six metrics including high scores for Information, Call to Action and Re-appraisal
  • Scores against familiarity / understanding, relevance and differentiation were all significantly higher than norms as was interest derived from the ad
  • This ad is a great example of a small and relatively new advertiser, using a small space well  and communicating clear benefits to consumers.

Download full results in the document below.