SMH apologises for naming protestors in 1978

SMH apologises for naming protestors in 1978

The Sydney Morning Herald has issued a historical apology to a group of people that took part in the 1978 street protest that evolved into the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

The group of 53 people were arrested in the protest, involving around 500 people at Taylor Square.

The protesters were calling for the end of decriminalisation of homosexual acts and discrimination against the gay and lesbian community.

Three days after the arrests The Sydney Morning Herald published the names, addresses and occupations of the 53 people. They became known as the 78ers along with others who participated in the protest.

Later, the newspaper published the names and addresses of more than 100 people who faced charges over a homosexual rights march in Sydney the previous weekend.

The Sydney Morning Herald editor-in-chief Darren Goodsir issued an apology yesterday.

“In 1978, The Sydney Morning Herald reported the names, addresses and professions of people arrested during public protests to advance gay rights. The paper at the time was following the custom and practice of the day. We acknowledge and apologise for the hurt and suffering that reporting caused. It would never happen today. We have made contact with representatives of the 78ers so we can apologise in person.”

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