Social affairs journalist Adele Horin dies, aged 64

Social affairs journalist Adele Horin dies, aged 64Adele Horin spent 18 years as a columnist for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sunday Age PHOTO: Fairfax Media

Former social affairs journalist at The Sydney Morning Herald Adele Horin has died at 64 after a battle with cancer.

Her coverage of domestic violence, in particular, has been noteworthy. She told the story of Josie Jackson, who had been abused by her husband for decades, and also looked at the use of provocation as a partial defence in murder trials.

In 1981, she won a Walkley Award for Best Feature in a Newspaper or Magazine, in recognition of her series on Australians’ sex lives for The National Times.

She later won an Australian Human Rights Commission media award in 2011 for her stories on abuse and neglect in boarding houses for people with disabilities.

She spent 18 years as a columnist for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sunday Age, where she wrote her ‘My Generation’ column.

When she took voluntary redundancy from Fairfax in 2013, she started her Coming of Age blog, where she explored the challenges of the baby boomer getting older.

In her last post, titled “Dear reader, my luck has run out”, she wrote about the privileged life she had led.

“But dear readers, my luck has run out. I’m not going to be one of those feisty octogenarians I so admired,” she wrote.

Editor-in-chief of The Sydney Morning Herald Darren Goodsir said Horin embodied the qualities to which everyone at the Herald aspired.

“She spent enormous time and effort unpacking complex social issues, giving voice to people and communities who otherwise go unheard,” he said on The Sydney Morning Herald website.

“At a time when so much journalism is reduced to black and white, Adele’s considered and caring approach to storytelling reminded us of the power of balance, nuance and depth in reporting.

“She will be greatly missed but her spirit will continue to be honoured at the Herald.”

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