Social/Search: China demands social media news checks

Social/Search: China demands social media news checks[Photo: Flickr user Johnathan Nightingale]

The Chinese government’s internet administrator has issued a directive demanding news sites verify content posted on social media.

In a statement from the Cyberspace Administration of China, translated by Quartz, the CAC notes “all websites must consistently maintain the right propaganda direction” and that “strict measures” must be taken to ensure the accuracy and objectivity of news.

“The notice demands that all websites bear the responsibility of further regulating the procedure of news reporting and publishing, and set up a sound internal monitoring system on internet platforms including mobile news apps, Weibo, and Wechat,” the statement reads.

“It is forbidden to use hearsay to create news or use conjecture and imagination to distort the facts.”

The CAC listed a number of fake news stories that had circulated widely on the internet in China as part of the release of the “notice on further strengthening management to prevent fake news” directive.

Facebook promotes live video, but readers aren’t engaged: Poynter

Statistics posted by the Poynter Institute indicate that while Facebook might be making a concerted effort to promote its live video feature, it isn’t gelling with users.

Poynter posted statistics about its top four Facebook posts from June: two live videos and two text articles.

While the livestreams had a high reach, they dramatic lagged behind the text articles in click and engagement metrics.

Pointer's top performing Facebook posts, June 2016.

Pointer’s top performing Facebook posts, June 2016.

“Our top live video reached more than 6000 users for every engagement while our top article post only reached 36. That is an astonishing disparity,” said Poynter’s Alexios Mantzarlis.

While Mr Mantzarlis acknowledged the restrictions of the sample, he said if other outlets could confirm the inference of the statistics over a period of time “the message would be stark: Facebook Live videos will appear on many more News Feeds — regardless of whether users Like, Wow or Haha the content”.

“Posts linking out of Facebook will need a lot more user interaction to get the extra eyeballs.”

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