Social/Search: Facebook relaxes rules that block newsworthy content                 

Social/Search: Facebook relaxes rules that block newsworthy content                 Norway’s largest newspaper Aftenposten published an open letter to Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg after an iconic Vietnam War photo was censored on the platform.

The possibility that Facebook will relax censorship of news content has increased with a pledge to change rules that define what the company will find acceptable on its service.

It has said it is exploring new tools and approaches to enforcing its community standards.

The move follows international outrage from journalists over censorship an iconic Vietnam War photo of a naked nine-year-old fleeing a napalm attack.

In a statement, the company said it would allow more public interest content that might breach community standards, and it would work with journalists, law enforcement officials and other stakeholders to improve content moderation.

It said: “Whether an image is newsworthy or historically significant is highly subjective.

“Images of nudity or violence that are acceptable in one part of the world may be offensive — or even illegal — in another.

“Respecting local norms and upholding global practices often come into conflict. And people often disagree about what standards should be in place to ensure a community that is both safe and open to expression.”

Oh, Snap! Media lose ad revenue

Media companies will no longer receive a slice of the ad revenue they generate from Snapchat, according to tech news site ReCode.

The messaging platform plans to move to a TV network style business model in which content partners must negotiate a licence fee for their content.

Partners for Snapchat’s news tool ‘Discover’ include, CNN, Daily Mail, Vice, CNN and National Geographic.

Other social networks also pay content creators to produce work for their platform, including Facebook, to promote its new live streaming feature and YouTube to promote its subscription service.

Yet another social network wants news

Photo-sharing platform Pintrest plans to launch a news media channel for publishers and brands to post video and multimedia content, according to AdAge.

Advertisers will be able to buy into the media section. Pintrest follows in the footsteps of Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, all of which have launched a news curation feature in recent years.

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