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Sound investmentSmart-home speaker system Amazon Echo includes voice-activated virtual assistant, Alexa.

ARTICLES from the digital editions of Britain’s Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday are now available on Amazon’s new voice-controlled virtual assistant, Alexa.

Mail Plus digital subscribers can listen to editorial content and use voice commands to navigate stories, columnists and sections.

Simon Regan-Edwards, production director at Mail Digital Publishing, told UK industry body NewsWorks that no other news brand offered the “entire newspaper editorial content via Alexa” and would deliver “content in a totally new but fun and easy way”.

Reading newspaper content has been offered by public radio services for years, specifically to assist the blind.

The Guardian has also embraced Alexa, offering news headlines, and in-depth content on sport, opinion and special news events such as an election. Alexa can also read out reviews and play the newspaper’s podcasts.

Alexa is part of a smart-home tech offering called Amazon Echo, which will respond to voice-activated commands. The speaker system was released in the US in 2014, it launched in the UK last week. Other voice-activated virtual assistants include Google’s Pixel and Apple’s Siri.

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