Sustainable products

Sustainable products imageOur newspapers are one of the most sustainably produced products made. Information is printed on paper made from sustainable forests using non-hazardous inks. Our inks are so safe they meet the Australian Standard (AS1647.3) for coatings on children’s toys.

Australian-made newsprint contains only plantation pine and recycled fibre. The wood comes principally from forest thinnings, and leftovers from harvesting plantations grown for housing and furniture. This is supplemented with recycled fibre from old newspapers and magazines.

Recycled fibres enhance several of the qualities of the paper. For example, recycled fibres and the clay that comes from magazine paper both make a smoother newspaper sheet, which means as much as one-third less ink is needed for printing. It also means the paper is more opaque and we can use thinner sheets of newsprint. This has help lead the industry to the use of 45 gsm and even 42 gsm newsprint as the standard, down 7 per cent from the newsprint used previously.

The thinner sheet means more paper can be wrapped on a reel, providing economies in transport, handling and printing. Less rolls are required, reducing wrapper and roll waste by 7  per cent.

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