Tajer appointed Mediabrands global CEO

Henry Tajer has been named as the global CEO of IPG Mediabrands, just over a year since his appointment as the company’s global chief operating officer.

Mr Tajer currently also serves as the Australian CEO of the business but will relocate to New York for his new role, where he replaces current chief Matt Seiler.

Henry Tajer, who has just been appointed IPG Mediabrands' global CEO.

Henry Tajer, who has just been appointed IPG Mediabrands’ global CEO.

In a statement, the CEO of Mediabrands’ parent company Interpublic praised Mr Tajer for his work in Sydney.

“Henry is a great media executive, who is valued by our people, clients and media partners. He’s made Australia one of the growth engines for our network,” Michael Roth said.

Mr Tajer also paid tribute to his predecessor in the role, Mr Seiler.

“Matt’s leadership has challenged us to stretch the definition of what a media agency can be and we are thankful to him,” he said.

“Our clients are among the world’s progressive marketers, and I look forward to engaging with them … as we lead Mediabrands into its next phase of growth and development.”

Earlier this year, Mr Tajer spoke to The Newspaper Works about the year ahead, laying out his forecast.

He said agencies would need to shift from being communications experts to being providers of technology solutions in 2015.

“The continued evolution of our industry will be dependent on three factors: firstly, our ability as professionals to combine forces to ensure we are riding the technology wave, not caught in its rip,” Mr Tajer said.

“Secondly, as individual businesses, we need to be brave enough to reinvent ourselves as future-proofed, technology- centric organisations, a major departure from where we have been,” he said.

“Thirdly, having the right people to drive the thinking and intelligence behind the technology. This will be the differentiator.”

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