Targeting young professionals

Canada - Case study from the Canadian Newspaper Association shows that newspapers effectively targeted young professionals - and drove them to buy.

The advertising challenge

Mercedes-Benz GLK wanted to get noticed by young professionals aged 35-45 during a tough recessionary period.

Media plan

Young professionals are busy “usually juggling both career and family. They generally commute to work and are out-and-about shuttling children to activities. Given their burgeoning careers, they need to stay informed and, in terms of their personal life, they want to be on the pulse of what is best for their families. Based on their activities, a media plan including outdoor and print media – both newspapers and magazines – was developed.

Creative execution

The creative was devised to get attention by highlighting the vehicle’s edgy and modern exterior design which is not what consumers would expect from the Mercedes Benz brand. The outdoor advertising would whet their interest while the newspaper and magazine ads would provide more information – including a link to the Mercedes site.

Mercedes article1


Newspapers effectively delivered young professionals – and drove them to buy.

In research undertaken by Totum Research, the newspaper ads were seen by significantly more people than the other media used. As a result, the newspaper campaign generated more positive responses to the vehicle than did the other media.

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