Taronga “For The Wild”

Taronga Zoo has kicked off a new campaign aiming to reinforce its positioning as being 'for the wild'.

An activation which saw the hands and footprints of keepers and animals imprinted on canvases launched the campaign. It symbolises Taronga’s commitment to care and conservation of animals.

The campaign runs parallel to Taronga Zoo’s elephant protection project in Thailand’s Kui Buri National Park, and currently consists of TV and newspaper activity.

The newspaper component ran on both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, a strip ad ran in the entertainment section of the newspaper, targeting parents looking for activities during the school holidays.

Sunday’s activity involved a partnership between Fairfax and Bing Lee, key sponsors of The Wild campaign. The execution involved a cover wrap with the inside cover double page consisting of editorial about the plight of animal species and the role we must play to safeguard future species. Another double-page spread within the early general news section contained the hand/paw advertisement.


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