The four groups that drive new car purchases

The four groups that drive new car purchasesNew emma report examines consumer attitudes and buying patterns of mid-priced luxury car and small SUV segments

New emma data has identified four key consumer groups that represent 43 per cent of new car purchasers in a report that examines consumer attitudes and buying patterns in the key mid-priced luxury car and small SUV segments.

The report considers recent Australian motor vehicle sales data alongside emma insights, which illustrate consumers’ changing attitudes, preferences and behaviour, as well as their responses to emerging trends.

The analysis reveals key consumer segments that are either considering buying a new car or have recently bought one. It also examines the attributes these buyers value most in a new vehicle, and how they determine which car best meets their needs within the context of the broader Australian new car sales market.

One group, Assertive Materialists, were 13 per cent more likely to have bought a new car in the past 12 months than the typical motorist. Assertive Materialists are defined as middle- to upper-middle class city metro families who place great value on social mobility, status and lifestyle.

Another group, Social Creatives, were 10 per cent more likely to buy a new car in the next 12 months – while another 16 per cent did so in the last 12 months. Social Creatives are defined as affluent urbanites, skewed towards young (74 per cent under age 44) males, hyper engaged with technology. Popular brands for this group are Alfa Romeo, Range Rover and Smart.

The report also shows that 54 per cent of all drivers rate safety as the number one consideration when buying a car.

Across the market, SUV sales were up 13.5 per cent in the first five months of the year.

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  1. I would have never thought that majority of consumers would put safety as a priority. It makes sense because no matter the car you purchase, it’s important that you’ll be safe in it. No matter the type of vehicle, it would be helpful to compare the safety ratings to ensure you are only getting the best.

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