The Oz asks audience to ‘Search | Know | More’

Search Know More

The Australian hopes to redefine its message with a new marketing campaign, ‘Search | Know | More’, aimed at highlighting the paper’s multifaceted offering.

Campbell Mitchell, The Australian’s general manager of digital and marketing said the campaign reflected the appetite of readers for both quality information and the journey to find it. “The people who read the Australian search for answers because they simply need to know, and they need to know more than they get from sound bites and tweets,” he said.

“The ‘Search | Know | More’ campaign acknowledges the rising role that social media plays in news and information consumption habits, and positions The Australian as a provider of the analysis and information required to verify breaking news.

“With ‘Search | Know | More as our core marketing positioning, the campaign will respond to important news events as they happen. Created using consumer insights following extensive research, the campaign has been developed to evolve with consumer needs.”

The Australian’s CEO Nicholas Graysaid: “The success of our digital subscription offering – which now has 51,213 subscribers – means that The Australian has 164,439 paying consumers Monday to Friday, which is more than at any time in its history.

“Clearly consumers value The Australian’s journalism and are willing to pay for it in digital formats as they continue to do so in print. I’m delighted to be launching this consumer campaign that continues to drive awareness of the unique and vital role The Australian plays in this country.”

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