The Works Q2 – Regional

The Works Q2 – Regional


It’s business critical

When it comes to providing information about local businesses and services in their area, regional newspapers are #1

News Media Works commissioned an independent company, Research Now, to conduct a study on local news media reading. The aim was to better understand the role regional news media plays businesscriticalin readers’ lives, and to compare this with how the same readers used other media.

Results confirm regional news media is the key source of local news, including information on local businesses – and it is well ahead of other media.

Eighty per cent said their local paper kept them up-to-date on businesses in the neighbourhood, more than double that of radio (30%), and three times that of catalogues (24%) and TV (22%).


Get shoppers moving

Papers influence me, say locals

Newspapers are the most influential channel to persuade people to make a purchase, data from Research Now has revealed.

Almost twice as many readers say their buying behaviour was influenced by regional newspaper ads (37%) versus TV (20%), and more than twice as many versus radio (13%) and social media (11%).

Half of the respondents to the Research Now survey said a regional newspaper ad had prompted them to go online for more information, almost double that of TV and radio.

Social media underperforms at driving search compared with newspapers. Readers are 1.8 times more likely to seek further information after seeing a newspaper ad than a social media ad.


Keep it connected

Community connections grow over time

keepitconnectedFour out of five regional readers have lived in the same area for more than five years, according to the study by Research Now.

Most (90%) say they like to use their local newspaper to discover what’s going on around them.

Regional newspapers are used to stay informed about issues affecting their area, events in their neighbourhood and to get practical, relevant information.

Seven in ten readers read most issues of their regional newspaper, and one in three pick up their newspaper every day.

With this level of engagement, advertisers can be confident that their campaigns will be seen by readers.


Affluence beyond city limits

Advertisers ignore regional Australia at their peril

affluence1Advertisers and media agencies that target only the cities will often do so because it is time-efficient and relatively straightforward in terms of booking print, TV and radio.

That strategy, however, ignores 44 per cent of the population.

Businesses looking to target specific regional consumer segments will find the numbers stack up for newspapers. One in three regional newspaper readers earns $80,000 pa, and 20 per cent have a salary of more than $120,000.

A regional ad campaign can get help advertisers get into the minds of some of the wealthiest shoppers.


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