The Works Q3 – Regional

The Works Q3 – Regional


Super marketing

Ads influence grocery buyers

supermarketingNewspapers are a critical information source for finding out great food and beverage deals, according to all emma respondents in regional areas.

They are second only to catalogues and direct mail.

Nearly one-in-five (19%) rate newspapers as the No.1 source for this type of information.

That’s 2.7 times higher than online advertising.

Regional newspaper readers are 8 percent more likely than others to be the household decision-maker responsible for grocery buying choices.

These papers are an effective way for supermarkets to generate a call to action and activate sales.


A most engaging source of info

mostengagingEngagement is critical to advertising effectiveness.

Results from Think Local, the 2016 Regional News Media Readership study, shows regional newspapers are the most engaging medium in the lives of regional readers. This offers advertisers the perfect platform to deliver effective campaigns.

Readers are 1.4 times more likely to find their regional newspaper more engaging than TV, with engagement levels also higher than radio (x1.8) letter-box-dropped catalogues and flyers (x2.8).

The compelling content produced by news media brands keep Australians engaged.

Advertisers can reap rewards by placing their messages in an environment where consumers are paying close.


Reach car buyers in the perfect vehicle

400,000 readers plan to buy a car

reachcarbuyersAutomotive marketers can reach a multitude of potential buyers by advertising in regional newspapers. More than one in ten (12%) local newspaper readers are considering purchasing a vehicle in the next 12 months.

Most of these, some 209,000 readers, are in the market for a new car now.

A further 171,000 readers are looking to buy a used car, and 37,000 are undecided. Regional newspaper readers make up 19 percent of the population but 22 percent of the auto buying prospects, indexing 8 percent above in the metro population in likelihood to purchase a vehicle in the coming year.


Bridging the gap

Digital news habit growing

bridgingthegapLatest emma data reveals regional newspaper readers use their PCs, smartphones and tablets to access news media journalism at higher levels than city readers.

Some 76 percent have read news media content online in the last four weeks, 3 per cent more than in major-metro areas and 4 per cent more than in other urban areas.

While there are still regional variations, greater online access and roll-out of the NBN network means more people than ever are engaging with digital news media.

These digital products offer advertisers the chance to produce campaigns that reach consumers across the country.

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