The Works: Q4 Newspaper Audience Report

The latest edition of The Newspaper Works Quarterly Newspaper Audience Report looks at how print and TV advertising work together for effective campaigns, and the nitty-gritty of how media influence really works.

The report is available in print this week and you can read the digital version on The Newspaper Works’ new app for iOS and Android, which was launched last month.

As The Newspaper Works CEO Mark Hollands writes in the report’s introduction, “print ads have greater impact when a TV campaign is running, and the reverse is equally true.”

The Quarterly Report examines the data behind this premise and explains it with reference to particular market segments.

It also features an exploration by X or Y Decisions’ Rob Pyne of how media influence really works, and an ADvance section that looks at the effectiveness of particular print campaigns.

Download a copy of the report below, have a read on our app or contact us to get your hands on the print version.

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