Top 10 ADvance 2016

More than 40 newspaper ads have been benchmarked by NewsMediaWorks to demonstrate their impact on brand, product and service to show how great creative lifts perceptions and sales.

Our methodology, called ADvance, offers insights from Focus Group feedback that highlight for marketers, creatives and media buyers the best practices in newspaper advertising.

Each benchmark is segmented into key performance themes:

  • Affinity
  • (Re)Appraisal
  • Information
  • Call to Action
  • Extension
  • Public Agenda

A definition of each theme and how they work can be found here.

The top 10 Benchmarks:

  1. BWS print campaign serves a double – Discover what liquor retailer BWS did to attract twice the average number of shoppers than delivered by other retail ads.
  2. Campaign delivers a healthy response – Advocating the importance and value of health insurance is critical if the sector is to retain customers. See how two of the biggest health funds, ahm by Medibank and HBF, used print newspaper advertising to do just that
  3. Ads bear fruit for supermarkets – Few companies produce more effective tactical advertising than supermarkets Coles and Woolworths. Their approaches are road-tested.
  4. Digital brands click with print – Find out why digital brands turn to print for customer acquisition?
  5. Winning a Brand slam – See how with the right creative advertisers can lift brand metrics and improve consumer sentiment towards brands.
  6. Ads offer rewarding experience – Highlighting product features that offer genuine benefits is powerful tactic to hook prospective customers according to results from our ad effectiveness study of ANZ and NRMA’s rewards-focused advertising.
  7. Energy companies add power of print – Discover how two energy companies – Origin and Energy Australia – combined print campaigns with TV to turn on potential customers by promising lower bills.
  8. Auto ads super-charged – Newspaper advertising continues to play a key role in maintaining an upward sales trend in the automotive market, as results from Audi and Hyundai’s ad effectiveness study proves.
  9. Face value – we like to watch – Always colourful, sometimes glossy, the magazines inside newspapers are enormously popular with readers and advertisers. Few categories thrive on the high-quality production values of these glossies than watch-makers. Discover how ads from TAG Heuer and Breitling got buyers all wound up.
  10. All-action ads kick goals – Learn from two different brands that featured sports imagery in their creative executions?

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