Toyota “Gold Advantages”

Toyota's "Gold Advantages" newspaper ad generated Call to Action.

Key findingstoyota-sept-gold-advantage-article

  • We tested Gold Advantage off the back of a number of very successful ads for Toyota going through our creative benchmarking process
  • Overall, we found respondents to be somewhat less clear on the message of this ad, than we’ve seen in previously tested examples, but not significantly so.
  • This ad still achieved good scores against Newspaper Norms and Automotive Averages, but did not generate the same levels as ‘Lifetime Advantages’.
  • Creatively, the ad scores well for ‘Highlights an important feature’ and met norms for ‘Catches my Eye’ and ‘Looks Good’
  • Encouragingly, the primary role identified for this ad wasCall to Action while ActionMap results were in keeping with the results of previous ads, prioritising ‘Remember for Later’ and ‘Web Search’.
  • Comparing this current ad with the 2009 ad for the same sale event, this ad is delivering slightly more strongly on delivery of Information and Call to Action.

Download full results in the document below.