Toyota THUMS

Toyota's fresh strategic approach to their newspaper advertising helps build the brand.

Key findingstoyota-thums-dec2012-article

This “safety and features” advertisement from Toyota is a departure from the majority of car advertising, which overwhelmingly focuses on offers.

The ad scored highly for being ‘different to other car ads’ which in this case is a strength overall

The ad generated high levels of interest, and verbatims also demonstrated the ongoing strength in the Toyota brand to invoke trust and drive high levels of Affinity

Importantly, this is a car our respondents can see themselves driving, and this was reflected in the ActionMap results which showed a slightly above average result for ‘buy/try’ the product, unusual for the auto category where the purchase decision making process is a long and complex one.

Overall, this ad is a good demonstration of how an iconic brand in its category can use a fresh strategic direction to drive long term business objectives.

Download full results in the document below.