Twitter enters the news curation business

Twitter enters the news curation business

Twitter has taken another leap into the news media business with the launch of Moments, a new feature that allows users to view curated collections of tweets, photos and videos relating to big events or hot news stories.

The majority of the Moments collections are currently curated by Twitter’s own editorial team, however the social media platform has partnered with media outlets including Buzzfeed, Fox News, Getty Images, New York Times and Washington Post to also make contributions.

The service is currently only available in the US, however the company plans to expand it overseas and non-US users can view a Moments collection if they obtain its link.

Moments was launched on Tuesday as a way to attract new users to the site and help them navigate the endless sea of information and multimedia published on the site.

“Every day, people share hundreds of millions of Tweets,” wrote Moments project manager Madhu Muthukumar on a blog announcing the new feature.

“Among them are things you can’t experience anywhere but on Twitter: conversations between world leaders and celebrities, citizens reporting events as they happen, cultural memes, live commentary on the night’s big game.

“We know finding these only-on-Twitter moments can be a challenge, especially if you haven’t followed certain accounts. But it doesn’t have to be.”

Moments can be accessed via a new lighting bolt button in the middle of the Twitter app on Android and iPhone and also on a desktop.

Moments is updated as a story develops and users can view more full-bleed images, videos, GIFs and neatly presented pull quotes by swiping to the right. Other partners to the new feature include NASA, Vogue, Major League Baseball, Entertainment Weekly and the Bleacher Report.

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