Twitter media director joins Future Forum line-up

Director of media at Twitter Australia, Danny Keens, and The Sydney Morning Herald editor-in-chief Darren Goodsir are the latest to join an impressive line-up of industry identities at the 2014 Future Forum.

As a former producer on 60 Minutes and ESPN, news and current affairs is something Mr Keens remains passionate about. Twitter presents journalists with incredible opportunities, he says.

“It’s a simple tool yet people are doing such amazing things with it. There is an incredible levelling of the playing field that has given every journalist the ability to break news that echoes around the world instantly,” he told The Newspaper Works.

“When news breaks people turn to Twitter because it is live, public and conversational, which means news can reach broad audiences immediately. Whether it’s a crisis situation or breaking news of a lighter nature like sports results or award show winners, Twitter can give you immediate worldwide reach.

“Twitter is working with news partners globally to navigate this storm and find ways to work together to harness the combined power of our platform with media organisations.”

Mr Keens will join other industry identities including New York Times vice president Yasmin Namini, app designer Joe Zeff, Storyful’s Mark Little and Axel Springer’s Pit Gottschalk.

Mr Goodsir will join World Newsmedia Network CEO, Martha Stone, and RPA Data’s Kylie Davis in leading a journalism workshop hosted by the Newspaper Works.

A crime reporter who started at News Corp in 1985, Mr Goodsir led an investigation into police corruption in NSW, the results of which formed the basis for the TV series Blue Murder. He spent time at the South China Morning Post in the 1990s before returning to Australia to join Fairfax Media in 1997, stepping up to become editor-in-chief of The SMH in July 2013.

He will lead a segment titled “Core Journalism Skills For Tomorrow” at the workshop on Day 1 of the Future Forum, which runs over August 20 and 21 at the Establishment and Ivy in Sydney.

Mr Keens described the Future Forum as “an opportunity to look at some of the trends we see emerging in the digital storm that is sweeping the way news organisations tick.”

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