Video content partnership to fight internationals

Video content partnership to fight internationals

Videos from TVNZ’s ONE news will now be appear on the apps and website of Fairfax Media New Zealand’s, following a deal between the two companies announced this week.

The deal could help starve off increased competition from international media players and tech giants like Google and Facebook, as well as publisher NZME which has recently been ramping up its video news offering.

Stuff’s group digital editor Sinead Boucher cited programmatic exchange KPEX – a joint-venture between Fairfax Media, TVNZ, Mediaworks and NZME – as a successful example of how media companies can work together for mutual benefit

“Actually the real rivals are the big internationals and we’re much stronger when we work together and collaborate,” she said.Sinead Boucher quote

“There’s lots of ways to do that while still maintaining healthy competition.”

Her comments were mirrored by Kevin Kenrick, chief executive of TVNZ.

“Domestic online players need to collaborate to compete effectively with global scale players, and this opportunity is all about matching ONE News’ strength in video journalism with Stuff’s strength in online reach,” he said.

“The partnership with Fairfax is an exciting next step to extend the reach of ONE News stories and make them immediately available where audiences want to view them.”

Advertising revenue derived from the video content will be handled by KPEX and shared among the two companies.

TVNZ and Fairfax already share the same video platform and content management system.

Ms Boucher expects the deal will increase collaboration between the two newsrooms and help develop the already good relationship between Fairfax and TVNZ.

She said Stuff’s audience of more than two million has “an insatiable demand for video” and the partnership would not lead to Fairfax producing less in-house video content.

“Everything we do now we are looking at how we support more visual storytelling, more video, more mobile storytelling,” she said.

Audience response will determine the length of the collaboration.

Meanwhile, NZME kicked off its Olympic Games coverage last week with the launch of a fortnightly video program, She’s Got Game.

The program will highlight the accomplishments of New Zealand’s female athletes and feature interviews with Olympians, cover news, discuss issues and contain a number of rotating segments.

Radio Sports Editor Rikki Swannell says sporting news has long been heavily dominated by male-focused coverage, and NZME is determined to become the leading voice in a space traditionally ignored.

“With New Zealand’s female athletes poised to dominate New Zealand’s medal count in Rio, we want to ensure they get not only the coverage they deserve but also their profiles are raised in the lead up to Games. The Olympics will then be the springboard for more female-focused media in sport going forward,” she said.

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