Video: Narisetti on reader experience vs content

Publishers should combine their print, digital and IT teams to ensure they create vibrant news experiences that will keep audiences coming back, according to News Corp’s senior vice president of strategy Raju Narisetti.

Mr Narisetti said the importance of audience experience is demonstrated by the fact the competitive advantage of breaking a great news story can last “if you’re lucky, five minutes” due to the rapid dissemination of information via social media and digital platforms.

He said newsrooms should pivot their thinking from being solely obsessed with great journalism, to how to combine that journalism with technology to create better audience experiences.

“Even if you have some story and your cross-town paper has the same story, if your experience of consuming it is different and better and more engaging, chances are that the audience says, ‘You know what, that was fun, that was interesting, that was useful, I’m going to go back to them tomorrow to see what they have’,” Mr Narisetti said.

Mr Narisetti made the comments at this year’s Future Forum, an annual symposium for news media professionals, where he also spoke about the value of the context of news platforms.

The Future Forum is an annual conference for media professionals that featured presentations from industry leaders including WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell, the Huffington Post’s Lauri Baker and a panel of CEOs from Australia’s news media publishers.

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