Video strategy to win female audiences

Video strategy to win female audiencesThe 'With Her In Mind Network' will be launched in early 2017 by News Digital Networks Australia.

Exclusive international content deals have been promised to support a female content platform to be launched by News Digital Networks Australia early next year.

The ‘With Her in Mind Network’ ( will focus on video to offer premium lifestyle, entertainment, news and opinion content.

News DNA plans to use its existing digital brands to drive traffic to the new site.

Its launch follows efforts by Mamamia and Channel Nine to ramp up their female digital content presence.

Managing director of News DNA, Nicole Sheffield, said research conducted in preparation of the launch indicated women were consuming overseas content because of dissatisfaction with local offerings.

“There are not enough premium female environments, so we saw a real opportunity to create something which is local in nature and global in flavour,” she said.

Ms Sheffield said the site would deliver “a mix of traditional and progressive products”.

The research also revealed women were “engaging in powerful and often intimate conversations” with family, friends, brands and personalities, according to executive editor of women’s network Melissa Overman.

“This direct connection and relationship will be the key to the content strategy at,” Ms Overman said.

Former Women’s Health editor, Felicity Harley, was announced as editor when the project was foreshadowed in September.

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