VIDEO: Three tips to master online video ads


Sarah Wood, chief executive of video ad tech company Unruly, shares her top tips for creating successful online video advertising.

Content that generates a strong emotional impact is much more likely to see the brand remembered and prompt action from consumers, however there are misconceptions about what emotion works best.

It’s a myth that brands simply need to be funny to create a viral hit, Ms Wood said.

“Humour is a really interesting emotion. It can be extremely effective at some moments, but it’s the emotion that most advertisers seek and therefore the bar is the highest,” she said.

“It’s also the most subjective of all the emotions so it doesn’t travel across gender, across culture.”

“Of all the emotions that advertisers can use, happiness is the one that travels most naturally across borders.”

Unruly studies the emotional responses to video advertising to help brands drive objectives and produce sharable content.

Ms Wood co-founded the company in 2006. It was acquired by News Corp in 2015.

Ms Wood visited Australia last week for the launch of News Corp Australia’s Future Media Labs, a collaborate workspace where clients can develop innovative advertising solutions.

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