Weekly Times in campaign to become national brand

Weekly Times AdThe Weekly Times has launched a campaign that HWT hopes will transform theweeklytimes.com.au into the national voice of rural and regional Australia.

First published in 1869, The Weekly Times is a brand that boasts strong emotional links to the agricultural community, particularly in Victoria.

The oldest rural newspaper in Australia, The Weekly Times has a readership of 156,000 each week, according to emma data, and 187,000 website visitors each month.

Titled 128K, the campaign emphasises the sense of community among farmers and highlights the vital contribution they make both to Australia and overseas.

The 128,000 of the campaign title represents the 128,917 farmers in Australia that not only feed their 24 million fellow countrymen, but another 36 million beyond its shores.

The rollout of 128K started yesterday via digital, Facebook and TV as well as across News Corp Australia’s print and digital assets.

The campaign aims to create a truly national voice of rural and regional Australia, reinforcing the value both of the masthead’s journalists and its journalism.

The Weekly Times editor Ed Gannon said the masthead was launching the initiative at an important time for Australian farmers.

“Historic trade agreements are now providing unprecedented access for food and fibre into the growing middle class markets to our north,” he said

HWT executive general manager Peter Clark said The Weekly Times had experienced print circulation and digital readership growth over the past 12 months and now had a unique opportunity to spread its wings and build a national audience.

News Corp Australia general manager marketing in Victoria Kammeron George said the campaign told the stories of farming families and their economic contribution in a visually stunning and highly evocative way to build resonance with a national audience and drive engagement.

The first phase of 128K runs from Wednesday, April 13 through until May. Redhanded was the creative agency and the campaign features farmers from regional NSW and Queensland, as well as Victoria. The initial awareness phase will be followed by a second phase later this year that profiles farmers and encourages engagement via social media to boost awareness and visitation.

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