Whiskas' newspaper ad has a positive influence on the brand, increasing familiarity and differentiation.

Key findingsWhiskas

  • This ad demonstrates a lot of creative appeal achieving high scores against all positive creative diagnostic measures.
  • It’s seen as increasing familiarity / understanding and of great interest, but perhaps these scores would improve if tested against a specific sample of pet owners (our sample is broad i.e. Australians 16+).
  • This broad sampling is also possibly why Action Map scores are good, but with the success of other measures we would expect to see even higher results.
  • A very appealing ad such as this one, also scoring well for brand equity metrics generally experiences strong intention for purchase and ‘remember for later’.
  • This is a good example of an advertiser that does not traditionally use newspapers, cutting through with high visual appeal and strong brand cues.

Download full results in the document below.