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2018 Hegarty Award winner Lauren Moloney: recognising the value of commercial teams

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The 2018 Hegarty Award and Scholarship for the best young executive was awarded to New Corp Australia’s, Lauren Moloney.  

The winner of the award is an executive under 35 who has shown exceptional talent and leadership in their role. Alongside the title, Ms Moloney was awarded a $10,000 bursary for an overseas study trip. 

“It has been something that I will remember forever in my career, it has refreshed my approach and reawakened my curiosity.” said Ms Moloney, speaking to NewsMediaWorks.   

“I’ve been at News Corp Australia for ten years this year, working in various roles. My career perspective really changed in 2014 when I had the opportunity to be part of launching News Xtend. I learned so much, it shifted my thinking from working for a publisher to being part of building a business that was driven by the needs of a customer segment, small-to-medium businesses (SMBs).”   

“The opportunity to be the first commercial person that has won the Hegarty Award… it was really humbling. Previous award winners, these are people who are changing the world… so it was a wake-up moment for me that what I’m doing is really making a difference too.”  

Thanks to the Hegarty Award and bursary, Ms Moloney was able to take two short overseas trips, one to the United States and the other in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

“When I was planning the trips I wanted to understand how News Corp could be a better crusader for the SMB segment. How might we better service these businesses through our ecosystem of products, services and partnerships?”

“In the U.S. I was able to learn from the businesses and publishers that are global leaders in this space. Tel Aviv was more about understanding the why. It is the world’s second largest tech startup hub and I learned that is driven through a culture of creativity and curiosity. Big businesses play a part in supporting that community and the two worlds work harmoniously with each other to achieve success.”  

Ms Moloney said that she would encourage anyone in the media world to consider the way that they are making a difference in their area of work.   

“Those working on the commercial side [of the industry], we can make a difference too. For me that was identifying a business segment that I wanted to focus on. Yes, think about your results, but also about the impact of those results.”     

Since winning the Hegarty Award, Lauren Moloney has been appointed General Manager of Growth & Customer Commercialisation, SME.  


The Hegarty Award was established in 1987 in honour of Patrick Hegarty, a former executive director of the Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers’ Association (PANPA) from 1983 to 1986. Following his untimely death aged in his early 40s, the award was established to help nurture the next generation of media game-changers.  

The 2019 Hegarty Award and Scholarship will be announced at the News Media Awards in Sydney on September 24. Entries open 6 May 2019. For details, click here. 

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