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50 NSW journalists join Media Hall of Fame

The Australian Media Hall of Fame welcomed more than 50 journalists from New South Wales, past and present, who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of Australian media.

The inductees honoured at a gala dinner in Sydney on November 10, consisted of reporters, editors, cartoonists, broadcasters, photographers and commentators.

Melbourne Press Club chief executive Mark Baker said: “The Media Hall of Fame shows how great journalism matters and is worth paying for, indeed is vital for the continued health of our democracy.”

Among those inducted was Ita Buttrose, the first female editor-in-chief of an Australian daily newspaper. In 1981, News Limited appointed Buttrose to head The Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph after editing Australian Consolidated Press magazines, Cleo and The Australian Women’s Weekly.

The late cartoonist, Bill Leak was recognised for his courageous reflections on contentious issues. Winner of nine Walkely awards, Leak spent his final 10 years at The Australian where he became heavily involved in the nation’s debate on free speech.

Other inductees included Paul Kelly, Mike Willesee, Col Allan, Richie Benaud and Max Suich

Melbourne Press Club established The Australian Media Hall of Fame in 2011 and aims to highlight the work of notable Australians whose work demonstrates the historical importance of strong independent journalism.

Here is the full list of NSW inductees:

  • Mark Colvin
  • Bill Leak
  • Kerry O’Brien
  • Chris Masters
  • Ian Carroll
  • Alan McGilvray
  • Donald Horne
  • Glen ‘George’ Warnecke
  • David McNicoll
  • Frank Packer
  • Ita Buttrose
  • Max Walsh
  • Vic Carroll
  • Rupert Albert Geary “Rags” Henderson
  • Tom Fitzgerald
  • Max Suich
  • John Pringle
  • Richie Benaud
  • Evan Whitton
  • Lillian Roxon
  • Phillip Knightley
  • Robert Hughes
  • John Pilger
  • David Hill
  • Ezra Norton
  • Eric Baume
  • Maxwell Newton
  • Elizabeth (Betty) Riddell
  • Adrian Deamer
  • Paul Kelly
  • Steve Dunleavy
  • Ron Saw
  • Col Allan
  • George Molnar
  • David Moore
  • Russell McPhedran
  • Emile Mercier
  • Lorrie Graham
  • Patrick Cook
  • Alan Jones
  • John Laws
  • Gerald Stone
  • Mike Willesee
  • Brian White
  • Bruce Gyngell
  • Kate Webb
  • Murray Sayle
  • Caroline Jones
  • Kate McClymont
  • Anne Summers
  • Margaret Jones
  • Constance “Connie” Robertson
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