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Almost half Australian online display to go programmatic

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Australia is predicted to allocate 48 per cent of spend to programmatic online display this year, according to GroupM’s ‘The State of Digital Report’.

The estimate places Australia above the predicted 2018 global average of 44 per cent. It will also be a 13 per cent increase from 2017, when advertisers spent 35 per cent on programmatic.

In light of this, Australia has been named first in the world for successful advertising in-view rates when compared to the Media Research Center’s viewability criteria.

Australian static advertisements were found to be served with an 80 percent success rate, equal first globally with Hungary, The Netherlands and South Korea.

The score also places those countries significantly above the global average of 65 percent.

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The report named Australia as a “market to watch” in terms of in-house ad-buying, citing Foxtel, CommBank and Coles.

Worldwide print media consumption remains steady

The world’s consumption of print media has remained steady for the third year in a row while online browsing is increasingly taking up more of people’s time.

Print takes up a six per cent of share of any one person’s day compared to 42 per cent for online. Print was the only traditional form of media not to see a decline, with linear television and radio both receding 1 per cent.

The amount of time people are spending with media is increasing, jumping by five minutes from 2016 to 466 minutes per day. Since 2015, total media consumption has increased by 41 minutes per day.

Australian numbers were not as strong, with Australians spending an average of 35 minutes with print which equates to a 4 per cent share of their day.

Despite this, Enhanced Media Metrics Australia data shows that print has maintained a 2 per cent growth in audience it achieved in 2017.



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