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Australia’s newspaper recycling still among world’s best 

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Australia’s newspaper recycling rate of 74 per cent places us among the world’s best recyclers. This is the central message of the NewsMediaWorks Newsprint Recovery Figures Report for 2018, prepared by Industry Edge.  

Given the turbulent international recycling markets in 2018this result is a great recycling success story for Australia. In recent years, crackdown by China and other nations on the quality of waste imports has caused global upheaval in recycling and has seriously impacted the value of mixed paper and plastics collected for recycling.  

Despite this, clean, sorted newspapers hastrong market demand in 2018.  

In fact, markets have been so strong for uncontaminated newspapers that the price has risen to historically high levels internationally. In Australia, demand also remains significant. The Albury newsprint deinking and recycling plant continues to be in the market to purchase longterm contracts supplying clean newspapers. Stable and growing demand remains a cental theme.  

We can expect Australia to continue to succeed in newspaper recycling. Consumers should be encouraged to reduce contamination through correct separation of recyclables at home, which will only increase our potential to deliver good news on newspaper recycling for the years to come.   


Dr Tony Wilkins
Executive Director Environment


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