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News Corp Australia statement regarding Federal Government response to ACCC Inquiry

Statement from Michael Miller, News Corp Australasia executive chairman

New Corp’s exclusive partnership for social display

News Corp Australia has struck an exclusive local partnership with US-based technology firm Polar to use its world-leading Social Display product

Make trust central to your auto advertising strategy  

66% or respondents agree that “The more I trust an ad the more likely I am to buy the product/service” 

Creative Tips for Automotive advertisers 

Consumers were asked what elements of advertising helped to grab their attention and influence their purchase choices

Predicting the biggest media, marketing and technology trends in 2020 

What will be some of the most influential trends in the coming year? 

‘If your brand’s not here, it’s nowhere’: Media owners unite to highlight the power of advertising 

The importance of advertising to the long-term sustainability of businesses

Future thinking: What should I use news brands for?

Many are unsure of news brands’ role in the media mix or what they should expect a news brand ad to achieve.

Alcohol promotions in NSW

What makes a promotion undesirable?

Stem cell products cannot be advertised to consumers

The Therapeutic Goods Act prohibits biologicals from being advertised to the public

Best insights of 2019 

Looking back at 2019, here are some of the key insights that will help inform your 2020 planning. 

RAMetrics – benchmarking news brand ad performance

Understanding the impact of a range of media factors beyond the creative itself

Benchmarketing: The ROI study

Adding newspapers to a campaign increases overall campaign effectiveness