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Auto advertising: News media drive sales at all stages of the path to purchase

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What factors influence Australians when they’re shopping for a car?  

New research conducted by NewsMediaWorks takes a deep dive into what drives purchase intent across key categories.   

The study showed that news media are nudging car consumers into action at all stages of the sales process 

Those considering a purchase were asked about their influences at each stage in the purchase funnel: 


This shows how multiple sources are used by car purchasers through their purchase journey, and that news media are key sources at all stages (Awareness, Interest, Decision and Action 

In fact, 44 per cent says ads in newspapers influence their purchase and 48% are influenced by ads in digital new sites. This is related to the high degree of trust that consumers have in news media, which provide a premium advertising environment for advertisers 


The truth builds trust 

The  research found that 66 per cent of respondents agreed that “the more I trust an ad the more likely I am to buy the product/service”, 49 per cent agree that “I engage with ads that I see in media I trust” and 71 per cent of motor vehicle purchasers/intenders agree “the information [in an ad] needs to be truthful and believable.”  

Brands that want to have trusted ads should consider the trusted environment of news media advertising.   


Download the full research paper here

Read more about our research on trust here.  

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