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Belle Gibson’s ‘miracle’ claims land $410,000 fine


Fake wellness blogger Belle Gibson has been fined $410,000 for deceptive conduct in marketing a heavily-publicised “miracle” diet she claimed could cure cancer, misleading vulnerable Australians.

Ms Gibson was convicted this morning in the Victorian Federal Court over heavily-publicised claims she had cured herself of the disease by the use of alternative therapies, from which she profited through a book deal and app sales

Her company, Inkerman Road Nominees, which has since shut down, made $420,000 from sales of her cookbook, The Whole Pantry, and a smart phone application..

It was later revealed that she never had the disease.

Justice Debbie Mortimer handed down the decision, with the fine split across five different offences:

  • Two $90,000 fines for failing to donate profits from her company and app sales to various charities, as promised.
  • $30,000 for not donating Mother’s Day app sales as claimed.
  • $50,000 for failing to donate app launch proceeds.
  • $150,000 for failing to donate 100 per cent of profits raised for the family of Joshua Schwarz, as promised

In April, Gibson was forced to pay $30,000 in prosecution costs by the Federal Court.

Gibson’s app and book were heavily featured in stories and advertising across magazines and news media, with several publications forced to provide apologies and amendments to articles which had been proven incorrect


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