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Best insights of 2019 

News Media audiences are an important target market for advertisers.  

Our analysis of the emma readership data brings you powerful insights into these passionate and engaged Australian consumers.   

Looking back at 2019, here are some of the key insights that will help inform your 2020 planning. 


Newspaper advertising reaches 2.7 million Australians by lunchtime
Advertising in news media delivers fast and powerful results for advertisers

News media drives auto advertising success
News media reaches 96 per cent of Australians looking to buy a new car  

News media connects advertisers with 8.4m prospective mobile customers
7.5 million considering changing their mobile handset and 2.7 million looking to switch mobile service provider

Under-35s trust news media (and the ads placed there)
AdTrust research reveals that news media remains highly trusted among young people. 

9.8 million airline passengers consume news media
Readers are more likely to fly and more likely to pay for premium services. 

Wine and dine with news media advertising
News media advertising can help cafes, bars and restaurants attract their target customers. 

News media reaches and engages travelling Aussies
Australians around the country are planning their next holiday. Here’s how you can be part of the conversation.  

News media delivers big audiences across age groups
Latest analysis of emma research reveals the power of news media to capture audiences across demographic divides, appealing to young, middle-aged and older groups alike. 

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