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Bottomless brunches in Victoria exposed!

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The all-inclusive food and beverage promotions can be successful at attracting customers but potentially can also lead to irresponsible promotion or consumption of alcohol if venues are not careful.

In addition to your legal obligations, it is important venues implement best practice measures to minimise harm and reduce risks to patrons, staff and the community.

When planning ‘Bottomless brunches’ venues should consider the following…

  • What limitations are there on the number of drinks being served?
  • What is the duration of the event?  Is it encouraging rapid consumption of alcohol so patrons get ‘bang for their buck’?
  • Does promotion of the event abide by the VCGLR Responsible liquor advertising and promotion guidelines which state that advertising which explicitly focuses on ‘all you can drink’ is unacceptable?
  • What type of food is available and is it substantial?
  • Do the benefits of having ‘Bottomless brunches’ outweigh the potential risk to your liquor licence?

Banning notices can be issued by the VCGLR for any promotion it considers to be in breach of responsible liquor advertising and promotion guidelines.

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