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Inside Carat’s vision for 100pc digital by 2020

Carat Australia’s chief digital officer Sarah James provides an insider’s view of the agency’s 100 per cent digital vision, how publishers can remain relevant and the scarcity of video programmatic inventory.

Apple Watch 12 months on

It has been 12 months since the launch of the Apple Watch, and while the platform plays host to a number of news organisations internationally, the jury is out on whether the device lived up to its hype.

Brave new world: the browser that blocks and sells ads

Recently launched web browser Brave promises to simultaneously block ads, sell its own, protect user privacy and provide a revenue stream for publishers, users and itself, but US newspaper publishers are not happy.

Phil Hillyard: the first newspaper Canon Master

A passion for sport that launched a career has led to The Daily Telegraph photographer Phil Hillyard being named the first newspaper Canon Master.

Inside the rise of publishers’ content marketing studios

In the past 12 months, Fairfax Media, News Corp Australia and NZME all launched in-house content marketing studios, but what is on offer and how will it affect the relationship between publishers, advertisers and agencies?

Inside a showcase of publishing innovation

Mark Drasutis, News Corp Australia’s chief product officer, digital, shares his insights on fostering a culture of innovation and the company’s recent Innovation Week showcase.

Investors set to reappraise industry: Miller

After 18-months as chairman of The Newspaper Works, Michael Miller reflects on the challenges and opportunities ahead.

McCarthy investigation parallels ‘Spotlight’

Tom McCarthy’s movie Spotlight has gripped audiences with its portrayal of highstakes investigative work into the cover-up of child abuse, but it has an Australian parallel in the seven-year investigation by Newcastle Herald journalist Joanne McCarthy.

Get automated: the power of programmatic

Automated buying and selling solutions, also known as programmatic, has now reached critical mass, with the potential not only to facilitate process and target a specific audience – but for publishers to benefit from new digital revenue streams.