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International research

Future thinking: What should I use news brands for?

Many are unsure of news brands’ role in the media mix or what they should expect a news brand ad to achieve.

RAMetrics – benchmarking news brand ad performance

Understanding the impact of a range of media factors beyond the creative itself

Benchmarketing: The ROI study

Adding newspapers to a campaign increases overall campaign effectiveness

Newsworks & Neuro-Insight: The Hard News Project

Newsworks set out to explore whether there was a difference in responses to advertising in hard and soft news contexts

Lumen & Unruly: Paying for video attention

Video ads on newsbrand sites are +10% more likely to be seen

Newsworks & GroupM: The value of quality

How advertising works on quality content sites versus the run of the internet

Newsworks UK: Context matters

A brain science study revealing why ads in quality editorial environments are more effective

Newsworks UK: What’s the fuss around trust?

Research highlighting that something as complex as trust can’t be measured by a single question.

Global news media: trusted content, trusted ads 

Social media, meanwhile, continue to come last in trust studies