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International research

Future thinking: What should I use news brands for?

Many are unsure of news brands’ role in the media mix or what they should expect a news brand ad to achieve.

RAMetrics – benchmarking news brand ad performance

Understanding the impact of a range of media factors beyond the creative itself

Benchmarketing: The ROI study

Adding newspapers to a campaign increases overall campaign effectiveness

Newsworks & Neuro-Insight: The Hard News Project

Newsworks set out to explore whether there was a difference in responses to advertising in hard and soft news contexts

Lumen & Unruly: Paying for video attention

Video ads on newsbrand sites are +10% more likely to be seen

Newsworks & GroupM: The value of quality

How advertising works on quality content sites versus the run of the internet

Newsworks UK: Context matters

A brain science study revealing why ads in quality editorial environments are more effective

Newsworks UK: What’s the fuss around trust?

Research highlighting that something as complex as trust can’t be measured by a single question.

Neuro insights: Why ads perform better on premium editorial sites.

What’s happening in the brain when consumers are exposed to ads in different online environments?

Neuro study: Newspapers highly engaging and driving awareness  

The highly complimentary nature of the two media also captured a strong priming effect.

News media advertising can increase sales, market share, loyalty and profit

NewsWorks UK finds strong evidence for the power of news media in the marketing mix

Global news media: trusted content, trusted ads 

Social media, meanwhile, continue to come last in trust studies