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What is the circular economy?

Circular economy practices encourage the development of a more sustainable society that uses and reuses the resources it has. 

OPINION: Defending the core business of news media

The pursuit of the facts that democracy depends upon in order to survive and thrive

Artificial intelligence (AI) and journalism

2019 is predicted to be the year of artificial intelligence in news media, but is this the end of human journalism? 

Trust report: Peter Miller

It is an incredibly exciting time for news media.  We are growing our audiences across multiple platforms.  We are delivering a highly trusted, quality environment for readers and advertisers and we are seeing a re-appraisal of the importance and value of the medium.

Behind The Truth Builds Trust campaign

The NewsMediaWorks advertising campaign highlighting the strength of advertising in an environment of trusted content has featured across the front pages and news sections of every national and metropolitan newspaper and news website in Australia in the past two weeks.

The Nine and Fairfax merger is about survival, not costs

Business journalist STEPHEN BARTHOLOMEUSZ takes exception to those who argue the Nine-Fairfax merger is about costs, and sees immense value in the scale and reach of the combined audiences.

Review a threat to effective recycling

A government review of Australia’s recycling legislation risks burdening the publisher’s self-regulatory model with onerous red tape. TONY WILKINS, argues the case against intervention.

Hard-hitting, trusted news still sells, in digital and print

Traditional news media is alive and well, says The Australian’s CHRIS MITCHELL, but the free ride for digital tech giants must come to an end.

Facebook turns to trusted media to send a message of reliability

What will this year’s AdTrust data mean in Australia’s media landscape? Marketing expert MARK RITSON discusses the potential for traditional media to leverage the findings against social media.

When does irresistibility become irresponsibility?: News Corp CEO

As Facebook, YouTube and Twitter gain the exclusive rights to air sporting events, how much longer can they maintain they are not publishers or broadcasters?…

Fake news can make old media great again

Australian Financial Review editor-in-chief MICHAEL STUTCHBURY evaluates the role of fake news in the increasing success of subscription models in the UK and Australia and why readers are becoming more open to paying for quality news products.

Print growth in UK suggests green shoots for Australia

The UK newspaper industry is in a renaissance of sorts, demonstrating promising upward print trends. In a piece first published in The Australian, NewsMediaWorks CEO Peter Miller explains how these green shoots of growth are a good sign for the Australian and New Zealand markets.