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Big price to pay for poor crisis management: Botsman

Fear, suspicion and disenchantment are deadly viruses that spread fast when companies fail to respond quickly and take ownership of mistakes, as has happened with…

Google, Facebook and Amazon blight digital landscape

The unregulated monopolies of Google and other tech giants such as Facebook and Amazon have such digital dominance that they dictate and increasingly decide what we see, know and buy.

The Post a reminder of our precarious press freedom

Last weekend I took myself off to The Orpheum at Cremorne, surely the best cinema in Sydney, to watch The Post. I enjoy a political thriller…

Senate journalism inquiry fails to do its job

Facebook and Google have escaped the scrutiny of the Parliamentary Inquiry into Public Interest Journalism, as the final report from the committee recommends lacklustre reforms, from tax deductions for some services and a review of defamation laws, in place of significant change.

A missed chance to help regional publishers

There is an effective way to guarantee the future of journalism in regional areas that is continually overlooked by the Australian government – support through advertising, says Country Press Australia president BEN TAYLOR.

The press needs to protect us from social media

Twitter and Facebook make tough reforms much more difficult, but the press can help by filtering out its excesses, not reporting them, says PETER HENDRY, former federal minister and CEO of Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Bureaucrats create copyright havoc

Chief executive of the Copyright Agency ADAM SUCKLING slams the Productivity Commission’s treatment of creatives interests in favour of big company.

Who do you trust? Predictions for 2017

Trust in an age of post-truth and fake news will be a key issue in 2017. NewsMediaWorks chief executive MARK HOLLANDS shares his predications for the year ahead.

‘We must safeguard pillars of democracy’

Australian Press Council chair Professor DAVID WEISBROT expresses alarm at our media landscape and calls for publishers to work together.

Mark Hollands' opening remarks for the Future Forum

NewsMediaWorks chief executive Mark Hollands gives his take on the industry in this speech written to open the 2016 Future Forum conference. I’d like to…

Merger success will be determined by debt

What are the implications and challenges of a NZME-Fairfax NZ merger? And will the lashed-together media ships be capable of finding safe harbour or will they simply sink more slowly, asks media researcher and former New Zealand Herald editor Gavin Ellis.

Greg Hywood: Let’s have the quality debate

Fairfax Media chief executive Greg Hywood has replied to critics of the company’s planned editorial cuts