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How to make what you put in your recycling bin count 

Now is the time to consider what and how we collect for recycling to ensure that our efforts can continue to make a significant environmental benefit.  

What is the circular economy?

Circular economy practices encourage the development of a more sustainable society that uses and reuses the resources it has. 

Taking leadership on sustainability drives growth for brands  

“All brands should be factoring in sustainability to meet these growing expectations of our communities.”  

Publishers and readers are both working towards sustainability

Australian publishers were early adopters of sustainable practices

Australia’s newspaper recycling still among world’s best 

NewsMediaWorks Newsprint Recovery Figures Report for 2018

Amazing facts about newspaper recycling

Sustainability is part of the story of Australian newspapers

Sustainability policy responses 2018

NewsMediaWorks response to policy documents regarding sustainability

Recycling of newspapers in Australia is world class

We remain firm in our commitment to maintaining Australia’s world-class newspaper recycling rate

How a newspaper is made

The story of your news, from plantation to printing

The circular economy represents massive opportunities for news media

NewsMediaWorks responds to the NSW EPA’s discussion paper on the circular economy, Too Good To Waste.

Recycling is part of the story of Australian newspapers

Recycling newspapers and magazines saves energy and reduces greenhouse gases.

18pc growth in alternative uses for recycled newsprint

Australia’s recovery rate for newspapers remains close to the world’s best at more than 75 per cent, while the recovered product has experienced growth of close to 18 per cent in alternative uses over the past year.