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Creative Tips for Automotive advertisers 

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What grabs the attention of Australians shopping for a car? 

New research conducted by NewsMediaWorks takes a deep dive into what drives purchase intent across key categories.    


Attitudes to motor vehicle purchases 

Australian consumers have a wide range of factors influencing their buying choices when it comes to buying a car, but the vast majority (87 per cent) want the highest level of safety features. This means that trust in a brand’s ability to deliver these safety features is fundamental. That’s why 82 per cent of Australians will only buy a car with a proven reputation.  

84 per cent will compare a number of brands before purchasing a vehicle and 82 per cent of those surveyed said that they spend a lot of time researching options before making their final decision.  

Non-safety factors are also important:  

  • 81 per cent of buyers say that a car’s performance is very important  
  • 76 per cent place high importance on the look and style of a car 
  • 64 per cent say the environmental impact of their car is important 
  • 50 per cent say they are looking for comfort over performance  


What to put in your ads 

Ads should contain only truthful and believable information. This helps to preserve the trust relationship between your brand and shoppers. Read more about our research on trust here. 


For our automotive research, consumers were asked what elements of advertising helped to grab their attention and influence their purchase choices:

  • Keep it simple: 65 per cent said that the ad must be easy to comprehend and 31 per cent said that a good ad showed less detail rather than having too much information. 
  • 55 per cent said that that the ad needed to grab their attention quickly, with 48 per cent saying that a good ad needed to have eye-catching imagery. 
  • Get emotional: 36 per cent said that the ad needed to fire their imagination, while 22 per cent said that the ad needed to affect them emotionally.  


Overall, the study found that news media are nudging car consumers into action at all stages of the purchase funnel. This is because high trust in news media is an important ingredient influencing behaviours 

Download the full research paper here  

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