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Crinkling News scores $200,000 funding goal

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Children’s newspaper Crinkling News will live to print another day after it successfully crowdfunding the $200,000 it needed to continue.

As the final bell rang on the campaign, the newspaper achieved 105 per cent of its funding goal, totalling $211 353

It was a close call for the one year-old publication, which had $15,000 to raise in the last 10 hours of the two-week campaign. If the goal had not been reached, the money would have been refunded to donors.

A strong social media campaign and an appearance at the parliamentary inquiry into the future of journalism pushed the campaign over the edge. At the inquiry, junior journalist Grace Gregson, 10, argued the importance of children’s media literacy before a panel of senators.

Editor Saffron Howden thanked all who donated in a post: “Thank you for believing in this wonderful newspaper and in the children around Australia who love reading it every week.

“There is a huge amount of work to do now. But we wouldn’t be here without your generous support,” Ms Howden said.

The paper was started by Ms Howden and her designer husband Remi Bianchi. Both used their redundancy packages from Fairfax Media to start the publication.

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