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Digital Partnerships panel: Tech giants and publishers

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This is part of our series of presentation summaries from INFORM19. 

This panel, moderated by Tim Burrowes (Mumbrella) brought together Lizzie Young (Nine), Julian Delany (News Corp), Andrew Hunter (Facebook) and Kate Beddoe (Google) for a robust and lively discussion around the relationship between news media publishers and the digital giants.  

Hunter emphasised that Facebook is “looking at how we can support publications in creating relationships with their audiences,” but of the ACCC report warned, “We need to make sure that it’s fair regulation that doesn’t stifle innovation.”  

Beddoe said that Google had seen “increasing appetite” by news media brands to “work with us to make smarter newsrooms”, such as using data to understand audiences better and to reduce churn.  

Julian Delany, speaking from the perspective of a publisher, noted, “All of us in this room have a relationship with Google via the ad stack.” 

“We’ve had very interesting, long discussions with Google about things that News Corp have wanted to change, such as Google the ‘prominence for providence’ policy that’s happened recently with Google.” 

Lizzie Young also defended the interest of news media producers in a time of enormous disruption occurring at the hands of Google and Facebook.  

Watch the full panel discussion below:


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