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New emma data fusion offers greater market depth


Cross-platform readership metric Enhanced Media Metrics Australia (emma) is strengthening its data offering through a new collaboration deal with Nielsen and Ipsos to further address the fragmented media market.

The deal will see The Readership Works, Ipsos and Nielsen work in a new three-way partnership, with additional lifestyle and consumer data fused with the current data to make a more in-depth and comparable data set.

Under the new arrangement, Nielsen will expand its offering to include the research firm’s national Consumer & Media View (CMV) solution. The research firm also will continue to supply emma with online ratings data as it has since launch. Ipsos will continue to conduct audience measurement surveys.

The data from the two research firms will be fused together by Nielsen.

The Readership Works general manager Mal Dale described the new deal as an “exciting opportunity”.

“This evolution in the emma metric further strengthens its relevance and value as Australia’s readership currency. It ensures the continuation of world-class cross-platform measurement and maintains best practice to meet the unique needs of this market’s media industry into the future,” he said.

The Readership Works, a subsidiary of NewsMediaWorks, locked in the deal for five years up to 2023. The new, fused data – known as EMMA CMV – will be available from June 4.

Through measuring 22,000 consumers each year, Nielsen CMV collates in-depth data on media habits, product ownership, purchase intention and lifestyle preferences, allowing emma subscribers to get a more in-depth look at the consumers who are reading news media and creating more targeting opportunities

Nielsen managing director, media, Monique Perry believes the addition of CMV data will enable media buyers and agencies to make more effective decisions based on consumer attitudes and purchase intentions.

“Nielsen is ready to take total audience measurement to the next level,” she said.

“We are thrilled to offer, for the first time, a streamlined and simpler solution for the Australian market. There is nothing more powerful than bringing to life high-quality currency data with a greater understanding of Australian consumers.”

The new deal will better position emma’s data sets alongside that of its other traditional media measurements – OzTAM TV Ratings and CRA Radio – which also fuse data with Nielsen’s Consumer & Media View, making it easier for media buyers to compare different mediums.

Key benefits for industry sectors


  • Continuity of emma cross platform readership currency which has been fusing the Print Readership data with Digital for a total audience picture for 5 years
  • No trend breaks or disruption as the emma CMV data will be available in DataFriend, Ipsos’ analytical and media planning software
  • Measuring 22,000 consumers annually, CMV provides detailed insights into the media habits, product ownership, purchase intention as well as attitudes and lifestyle preferences of Australian audiences.


  • CMV’s consumer behavior, sentiment and product usage questionnaire has been enhanced to align with variables available in emma.
  • emma CMV enables agencies to uncover purchase intention of print audiences. There is nothing more powerful than delivering your advertising message to a cross platform consumer with real buying intention.
  • Nielsen CMV national datasets also include segmentation models from databases like the Nielsen Homescan Panel and market partners including Mosaic, Geo-tribes and Landscape segments.
  • A future where the CMV data is the hub for media currency fusion, whether it be national CMV fused to emma cross platform or Metro CMV fused with TV, Radio and Digital or Regional CMV fused with Regional TV. These powerful media currency data sets enable agencies to reliably develop the best media plans for their clients, by knowing exactly which media their target audience is engaging with on a day-to-day basis.


  • With the fusion of media currency, advertisers can build a strategy and a plan with the confidence of an industry-endorsed, superior quality data set. The same data set advertisers will be using to trade and post analyse their campaigns.


  • Maintains the continuity of Ipsos’ robust, best-practice collection of readership data fused with the IAB-endorsed Nielsen Digital ratings for emma Cross Platform.
  • With the fusion of Nielsen’s established CMV dataset including lifestyle, attitudinal and product usage, publishers across all media can use the same hub survey combined with their valuable media currencies to drive better outcomes.
  • The future integration of emma cross platform data with Metro CMV will see the market with a multi channel planning tool brought to life with TV , Radio, Print and Digital currencies. Publishers can develop strategy and insights integrated across all their media assets.
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