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Five great news media insights

Newspaper advertising reaches 2.7 million Australians by lunchtime 

Download the research that backs up the use of print media for strong advertising campaigns focused on capturing audiences at the start of their day.  


The Company You Keep 

All the latest findings into consumers’ trust in media. This study looks at both users’ trust in content and advertising by channel.  


Five things great ads do that bad ads don’t 

Handy checklist to make sure that your ads really pack a punch and connect with your audience as effectively as possible.  


Digital news media now read by 15.7 million Australians, reaching 85% of the population: emma 

The essential facts and figures you need for seeing why news media is highly effective at reaching audiences at scale.  


Under-35s trust news media (and the ads placed there)   

If you want to target under-35s, you want them to trust your ads. Here’s how (and why) news media is the best option for you.  

Readers under 35 trust news media


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