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For Australian grocery buyers, advertising is the biggest influencer

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This is Part 3 of our series on grocery buyers. Read Part 1 here.


New research conducted by NewsMediaWorks takes a deep dive into the choices and behaviours of grocery buyers in Australia. 

We asked shoppers what factors influenced their grocery-buying behaviours in order to identify the most important driver segments.  

The number one influence was advertising.  

59 per cent identified advertising as an influence, second was seeing a product in-store (54 per cent), followed by habit (53 per cent).  

Other major factors included discussions with friends and family (35 per cent) and information searches on the internet (23 per cent) 

The power of advertising to influence shopper behaviour is particularly true for segments most likely to change brands:  

How can brands and businesses reach these shoppers and make the most of a willingness to consider different brands and products? How can brands maximise their offers of affordable, quality products?  

When it comes to advertising, 66 per cent of grocery buyers surveyed say that the more they trust an ad, the more likely they are to buy the product/service. Which ads do they trust? 49 per cent say that they engage with ads they see in trusted media environments.  

Advertisers looking for trusted media should pay attention to the top two media sources influencing grocery buying: television (56 per cent) and news media (55 per cent).  


News media delivers trusted content and advertising across all buying segments


Takeout: Grocery buyers are heavily influenced by advertising, and there is a strong and direct link between trust and content as drivers of engagement and purchase intent. Brands that want to have trusted ads should consider the trusted environment of news media advertising.  

This is part three of our series on grocery buyers. Read the other parts here.  

Download the full research report on grocery buyers here. 

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