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Get your hands on The Works Q2, out now

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NewsMediaWorks has released the second quarter edition of audience insights magazine The Works. The report focuses on emma’s movement towards a more data-rich metric, the benefits of basic messaging and gives a sample of Galaxy Research’s AdTrust 2018 data.  The Works also includes the analysis of five key verticals with links to downloadable infographics and videos to bulk up your next presentation.



Cover story      pg 4-7

Measurement is key to success in the media industry. The newly-minted agreement between industry measure emma, Nielsen and Ipsos will give publishers and advertisers more than just an cross-platform readership figures – it will bring the data to life.

Sport      pg 8-9

The sport pages draws in 12.2 million highly engaged sports fans. This largely underutilised group of big spenders proves a strong opportunity for advertisers to target news media consumers who are also watching television.

ADTrust 2018      pg 11

Social media has been rocked by a series of controversies over the past year, but none more than Facebook. New data from NewsMediaWorks’ upcoming ADTrust 2018 report show that trust in the social media platform has taken a huge hit in the past six months.

Creative benchmarking     pg 12-14

It may sound simple, but striking imagery alongside simplistic messages is much more effective than other forms of ad creative. We compare a range of ads from brands including Apple, Etihad and Tag Heuer against our creative benchmarking matrix, road testing and analysing consumer attitudes.

Community automotive     pg 16-17

Community newspapers readers are 25 per cent more likely to be new car prospects. Utilising this highly engaged group of readers can help create the salience needed to beat out the 60 other auto brands in market and make a sale.

Department stores      pg 18-19

Premium AB shoppers turn to their newspapers, with weekend papers influencing their buying decisions on and offline. Using section specific targeting to reach particular demographics can increase the impact and effectiveness of campaigns.

Home and garden     pg 20-21

Reaching 11.1 million home and garden buyers, news media provides a huge opportunity for advertisers to attract big spenders. More likely to care more about quality than price, these shoppers are highly engaged and offer added value for advertisers.

Travel     pg 22-23

Australia’s tourism industry is worth a total of $51 billion. Not only are news media readers 10 per cent more likely to be to travel, newspaper pages a turned to as a key influencer to their holidaying decisions.

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