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Global: ‘Trump bump’ has not slowed for Politico

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While US President Donald Trump decries news media, American political website Politico has revealed that it is currently receiving half of its revenue from digital subscriptions.

The past three years has seen the site grow 30 per cent year on year.

Politico Pro, the site’s paid subscription platform, allows users to track legislation and the progress of bills and offers visual data across several verticals. While only 20,000 users are signed to the service, a five-person package costs $US8000. Pro currently has a 90 per cent subscription rate.

Bobby Moran, Politico’s vice president and general manager said: “A lot of organisations have gotten a ‘Trump bump’, which has died down. It hasn’t for us.

“[Pro] is not a luxury item. This is something [our subscribers] have to have to do their jobs.”

Disparity between print trust and readership

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A new British survey has found that while most consumers find broadsheet print titles to be the most trustworthy, this is not being reflected in readership.

Of the 2000 Britons surveyed by video agency Newsflare, 61 per cent believed that broadsheet newspapers provide “ trustworthy and factually-validated information”, the highest in its category compared to tabloid newspapers, national broadcasters and social media.

When it came to readership, however, only 7 per cent of respondents said they stayed “up-to date with news” via print newspapers. While 31 per cent said they sourced their news from television broadcasts, 24 per cent said they received news from online newspapers, including apps.

Worryingly, when asked “who would you trust the most to deliver trustworthy and factually verified news reports to you?”, only 30 per cent said journalists.

Businessman buys into British regional print


The saviour of British regional masthead the Sunday Independent, businessman Peter Masters, has further entered the print marketplace, purchasing eight west regional mastheads and three magazines.

The Sunday Independent, was purchased by Masters two weeks after it had printed its scheduled final edition in April, and resumed its publication.

Talking to the Press Gazette [link], Mr Masters explained his decision.

“I and all the dedicated staff believe in the future of print newspapers as the heart of their communities, where people can share their successes, their challenges, their events, their joys and criticisms.

“They will have a vibrant web presence delivering news and sport updates and digital platforms for advertisers to reach these communities – but we all also believe that nothing beats sitting down with a paper that covers your community or your sphere of interest and reading all the things you can’t find on the internet.”

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