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Global: Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner dies, aged 91

Businessman and founder of Playboy Magazine, Hugh Hefner, died today in Los Angeles, aged 91.

Mr Hefner died of natural causes on Wednesday evening, local time.

He launched Playboy Magazine in 1953, featuring a delicately arranged nude spread of film star Marilyn Monroe. The brand would go on to be hugely successful, becoming the springboard for Mr Hefner’s empire of clubs, mansions, movies and television as well as a cultural icon in its own right.

The magazine is still published today, despite the rise of internet. In 2015, the magazine had a major content shift, no longer featuring images of nude women.

Mr Hefner appeared in his own reality television program Girls Next Door alongside appearances in The Simpsons, Sex in the City and House Bunny.

China blocks Whatsapp, increases censorship

Whatsapp, a popular app used by journalists, has been banned in China as the country’s government continues a censorship crackdown, the New York Times reports.

The app is often used by journalists due to its end-to-end encryption which allows for secure communication with sources and whistleblowers. The Facebook-owned product was forced to disable particular features, including video chat, voice chat and file sharing earlier in the year.

Facebook and its associated products are largely unavailable in the country, with the main site banned since 2009.

Facebook joins forces with print in India

The Indian press will soon contain advertisements from Facebook on fake news, targeting the site’s largest Asia-Pacific demographic.

The advertisements will appear in the Deccan Herald, Indian Express and The Telegraph to enlighten people on the threat of fake news and how to identify it.

Moving to print is significant for Facebook as a recent study found two-thirds of publishers believe that the rise of fake news is a vehicle to promote quality journalism.

The company conducted a similar campaign in the UK during the general elections.

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